Motorbike License Requirements – Western Australia (WA)

Motorbike license requirements in Western Australia (WA) follow these steps:

There are a few different classes of motorbikes licenses within Western Australia.

  • R-N class (R class with a N restriction): This is a moped license and covers mopeds with a 50cc engine which are not expected to go above 60km/h. You must be at least 15 years and 6 months old to begin lessons where you must be supervised at all times, however 16 years old before you can ride by yourself.
  • R-E class (R class with an E restriction): A motorbike between 100c-250cc with a clutch. You must be at least 16 years old to obtain your learners permit.
  • R class: A motorbike over 250cc. You must have held an R-E class license for at least 1 year.


Learner Motorbike License (R-E class):

In order to apply for your learner motorbike license (R-E class) you will need to go to the motor registry (Driver and Vehicle Services Centre) or a regional agent.

You will need to complete the following:

  • An application form
  • Provide proof of identification
  • Pay the associated fees (motorbike test prices can be found further down this page). The fee includes the price of a single practical riding assessment.
  • Motorbike theory test – 35 multiple choice questions that relate to the general road rules of Western Australia (WA). To pass the motorbike theory test you must answer at least 28 of the 35 questions correctly. There are links in the resources section at the bottom of this page for the Road Safe Handbook and Motorbike quizzes which will help you to pass your motorbike theory test.
  • Eyesight test – A link in the resources section at the bottom of this page provides more information about the eyesight test for Western Australia.
  • Medical exam – this is only necessary if there is a belief that you may not have the necessary level of fitness to ride a motorbike. This exam is not completed in most cases.

You will then be issued with your learner motorbike license (R-E class). You must be supervised by a licensed instructor at all times. See “Other Restrictions for the Learner Motorbike License (R-E)” further down this page for more information.


Provisional and Open Motorbike Licenses:

You will then be required to wait a minimum of 6 months and log 25 hours of supervised riding in a logbook before you can attempt the practical riding test (see “Other restriction for the Learner Motorbike License (R-E) further down this page.

Once you have logged the required time you will be required to:

  • Make a booking for the practical riding test. Check the latest motorbike test prices before booking. Remember that your initial motorbike license fees may have already paid for this test.
  • Complete the practical riding assessment. If you are not successful then you will need to rebook and pay the required motorbike test prices again.
  • Complete the Hazard Perception Test at a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional agent.
  • Pay the license fee and you will be issued with your provisional license.

You will be required to hold your P plates for 2 years.

Note: If you hold an unrestricted C class license (car) you are not required to complete the Hazard Perception Test, Log 6 months of time in a logbook or be required to have your P plates. You will only need to complete the motorbike practical rider test before you are granted an R-E license.


Restrictions for Learners and Provisional Motorbike License holders:

  • Display the required L or P plate at all times.
  • Ride only the approved motorbike for your class of license.
  • Zero blood alcohol level (0.00).
  • If you accumulate 12 or more demerit points within a three (3) year period, your licence will be cancelled.
  • You must not drive between midnight and 5:00am for your first 6 months of your provisional license, unless one of the following applies:
    • They are driving to or from their home to their place of work by the shortest possible route;
    • Driving is required as part of their work duties; or
    • They are driving to or from a place of education or training where they are enrolled for tuition.


Other Restrictions for the Learner Motorbike License (R-E):

When you are on a class R-E learner motorbike licenses you must be supervised by a person holding the required instructor license. In order to find licensed driving schools around the Perth area and Western Australia in general, you should search in either the phonebook or on the Internet. There are several options available, particularly in Perth, with their rates all varying.

The instructor must be either a pillion passenger (sitting on the back of your motorbike), in a sidecar or on another motorcycle and riding with you.

Your motorcycle that you ride must meet the standards of the R-E class license.

You must display L plates on the rear of your motorbike at all times when riding.


Motorbike License Costs:

Leaner’s theory test – $17.90 (re-sitting this test is the same price)

Application fee including one practical riding assessment – $70.00

Practical riding assessment resits – $73.70

Logbook – $18.40

Hazard Perception Test – $19.60 (re-sitting this test is the same price)


Note: All fees, including motorbike test prices, can change frequently. Because of this it is recommended that you follow the links in the resources section below to view the latest motorbike test prices rather than be surprised when it is time to pay.



Tell us about your experiences with obtaining a motorbike license in this area in the comments section at the bottom of this page.



Government of Western Australia Transport Department

About the classes of motorbike licenses in Western Australia (WA).

Road safe handbook

Motorbike quizzes

Eyesight test

Motorbike test prices


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