Motorbike License Requirements – Victoria (VIC)

Motorbike license requirements in Victoria (VIC) follow these steps:

1) Learner Motorbike License – 3 months minimum. Valid for 15 months.

  • eyesight test
  • motorcycle learner permit skill assessment (a practical ride)
  • motorcycle knowledge test
  • learner permit road law knowledge test (not required if you already have a car learner permit)

2) RED (P1) Provisional Motorbike License (over 21 may be eligible to skip straight to P2) – 1 year on this license.

  • eyesight test
  • motorcycle licence skill test (a practical ride)
  • hazard perception test (not required if you already have a car licence)

3) GREEN (P2) Provisional Motorbike License – 3 years on this license.

4) Full License.

Note: Full car license holders may be eligible to skip P1 and P2, however will still have some restrictions applied for a probationary period.


Learner Motorbike License

A Learner Permit in Victoria is valid for 15 months from the date of issue. If you do not progress with your license within this period then you will be required to recomplete the Learner Permit testing. You must hold your Learner Motorbike License for at least 3 months before progressing to the next stage.

You must be 18 years old to obtain your Motorbike Learner Permit in Victoria.

Several locations throughout Victoria deliver the Motorbike Learner Course, in particular around the Melbourne area.

There are additional courses which some of these providers offer which will allow you skip the 3 month waiting period before progressing to the next stage of your license.

Motorcycle learner permit tests are conducted by VicRoads accredited providers. These providers also offer training courses to prepare you for these tests. The Motorcycle Provider must obtain clearance from VicRoads prior to you being assessed for your Motorcycle Learner Permit or Licence test.

Motorbike Theory Test

This is a theory test made up of 32 questions. 25 out of 32 questions must be answered correctly in order to pass.

The test is based on the Victorian Rider Handbook, so it is worthwhile studying before attempting the test. See the sample in our resources section at the bottom of this article.

Motorbike test prices will vary for this test depending on the provider. See the list of test provided in the resources at the bottom of this article.


Motorbike License Costs

Prices correct as at January 2012:

Victorian Rider Handbook: $6.40. This is also available online.

Learner Motorbike Theory Test: $20.30 per attempt + $15.60 appointment fee.

Hazard Perception Test: $15.50 per attempt + $15.60 appointment fee.

Learner’s Motorbike License: $20.80 (in addition to test costs)

Practical Rider Test / Practical Rider Skills Test: Varies depending on the provider.

Unrestricted License: 3 years $48.80, 4 years $65, 10 years $165.80.

Note 1: If you already have a car license then some license fees may differ.

Note 2: As fees including the motorbike test prices can vary without notice, it is recommended that you also confirm these prices via the links at the bottom of this article and contact the relevant providers.


What Bikes Can You Ride On a Learner License

On your learner’s motorbike license in Victoria (VIC) you will be restricted to bikes which fall under the Learner Approved Motorcycles (LAMs) scheme.

Further links are available in the resources section at the bottom of this article with a list of Learner Motorbikes which can be ridden.

Other Limitations and Comments

Ride only a Learner Approved motorbike (insert link)

Zero blood alcohol (0.00)

Display an approved plate at the rear of the bike at all times:

  • Leaner Motorbike License – L plate
  • RED P1 Provisional Motorbike License – RED P plate
  • GREEN P2 Provisional Motorbike License – GREEN P plate

Must not carry a pillion passenger (a passenger in a sidecar is OK)

Must not tow a trailer



Tell us about your experiences with obtaining a motorbike license in this area in the comments section at the bottom of this page.



VicRoads website (the motor registry for Victoria)

Learner Permit Application Form

Learner Approved Motorbikes

License and Motorbike Test Prices

Supporting documentation required when applying for your motorbike license at the motor registry

Motorbike Theory Test Sample

Test Providers


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