Motorbike License Requirements – South Australia (SA)

Motorbike license requirements in South Australia (SA) follow these steps:

Learner Motorbike License

Pre-Learner Motorbike Training Course (RiderSafe)

In order to obtain your learner motorbike license in South Australia (SA) you must participate and successfully pass the learner motorbike license training course, these are sometimes also referred to as the “basic training course”.

All of the motorbike gear that you need for the course will be provided, however you can bring along your own helmet, gloves and jacket if you wish.

You must bring the following items otherwise you cannot participate and will need to make another booking:

  • Clothing – long sleeved top, full length pants, enclosed shoes (no sandals, thongs or heels).
  • Signature identification (student ID card, credit card or driver’s licence).
  • Course payment receipt.

The course is made up of 2 half days and is catered for someone who has never ridden a motorbike previously, so there is no need to worry if you haven’t even started up a motorbike before.

The basic training course ends with a practical riding test, where you are tested on the basic riding skills that you have been taught throughout the course.

If you fail the course you are allowed to attempt the test twice more, free of charge.

Once you have successfully completed the course you will be able to apply for a motorbike license.

The following training locations are available in Adelaide and the greater South Australia area for the motorbike basic training course:

  • St Agnes
  • Murray Bridge
  • Millicent
  • Barmera
  • Port Pirie

To enrol in a RiderSafe basic training course you must have a current driver’s license.  If you do not have a current driver’s license, you must also pass a theory test.

To book your theory test you can contact at any Service SA customer service centre.

After successfully completing the RiderSafe basic course, present the endorsed form at any Service SA customer service centre to apply for learners permit.

You learners permit will be valid for two years and you must carry it at all times.

Motorbike Theory Test

There is not any special theory test for motorbike learners license in South Australia, it is the same as the car driving theory test.


Provisional Motorbike License / R-Date License

You must hold your learner motorbike license for a minimum of 6 months before you can progress to your provisional license.

You’ll be required to complete the RiderSafe advanced training course.  To book your position in the RiderSafe advanced training course, you will need to contact the Service SA customer service centre. Details for the Service SA customer service centre can be found in the resources section at the bottom of this page.

RiderSafe Advanced Training Course

You’ll be able to use your own motorbike in the advanced course as long as easy as an approved learner motorbike.  If you don’t want to use your own motorbike one may be provided for you. Contact the centre to confirm this before turning up on the day to avoid disappointment.

You will also need to bring along current photo identification and your existing learner’s permit, along with the receipt for the course payment.

The following training locations are available in Adelaide and the greater South Australia area for the motorbike advanced training course:

  • St Agnes
  • Murray Bridge
  • Millicent
  • Barmera
  • Port Pirie

The RiderSafe advanced training course is a single half day course which includes a practical test. You will be tested on your ability to control the motorbike as well as your road riding skills and theory.

If you fail you can attempt the test twice more at no additional cost.  Once you pass the course you’ll be provided and notice of completion which you will need to supplied to a Service SA when applying for your license.

Present your notice of completion and Service SA where you will then be eligible to apply for your R-Date license.

Note: If you hold an existing drivers license the R-Date motorbike class will be added. However, if you do not hold an existing drivers license then you will be provided with for a provisional license, however you must have held your learner’s license for at least 12 months and be at least 17 years of age.


R-Class License

Once you have held your R-Date license for a period of 12 months you may then apply for an unrestricted R-Class license. With this License you will be able to ride any motorbike that you choose.


Motorbike License Costs

Motorbike license costs for South Australia include:

  • Pre-learner motorbike training course: $364.00
  • Learner motorbike license: $55.00
  • Pre-provisional advanced motorbike training course: $324.00

Note: Both license and motorbike test costs can vary frequently. It is recommended that you check out the links in our resources section at the bottom of this page to make sure that you have the most up to date pricing.


Other Limitations

These are some of the restrictions which apply if you are riding on a restricted motorbike license in South Australia:

  • Display the correct plate on the rear of your motorbike.
  • Ride only a Learner Approved Motorbike. See the resources section at the bottom of this page for list of these motorbikes
  • Must not carry a pillion passenger.
  • Zero blood alcohol limit (0.00).



Have you recently obtained your motorbike license in Adelaide or anywhere in South Australia? Tell us about your experiences with obtaining a motorbike license in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

We would love to hear from you.


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Learner Approved Motorbikes in South Australia


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