Motorbike License Requirements – New South Wales (NSW)

Motorbike license requirements in New South Wales (NSW) follow these steps:

1) Learner Motorbike License:

  • A Pre-Learner Course
  • The Motorbike Theory Test

2) RED (P1) Provisional Motorbike License:

  • Pre-Provisional Course
  • MOST Test

3) GREEN (P2) Provisional Motorbike License (exemptions may apply)

4) Full License


Learner Motorbike License

Step 1: Pre-Learner Course

The pre-learner course is held over two 3.5 hour days. All equipment including a motorbike, helmet and gloves is included. The course can be booked on the motor registry website.

Things are stripped right back to the basics, with the course set at a level catered for people who have never ridden a motorbike previously. The course will take you through stepping onto the motorbike, safety checks and starting it up and finally how to ride at low speeds.

The course is pass / fail, with a very low failure rate.

Several motor registry approved locations throughout New South Wales (NSW) run the courses, in particular there are several locations in Sydney, so there should be a nearby location for the majority of future motorbike license holders. However, if you are in a regional area you may be eligible to skip this step of the process as you may be in an “undeclared area”.


Step 2: Motorbike Theory Test

Once you have passed the pre-learner course you will be issued with a Certificate of Competence.

Book a motorbike theory test with the motor registry. Motorbike test prices can be found further down this page. In most situations you will not be able to turn up and complete the test on the spot without a booking.

Take the certificate to the motor registry along with proof of identity documents. You will also need to complete a motorbike license application form at the motor registry, or you could take a copy a few days before and fill it out in advance. At the counter you will need to pay a motorbike theory test fee, this is not refunded if you are not successful in the motorbike theory test.

You will then complete the computer based theory test. Guides are available on the motor registry website. This test is different from the Learner Car Theory Test, as it may also include some motorbike specific questions, such as which part of the lane to ride in. The motorbike theory test is multiple choice.

After successful completion of the motorbike theory test you will complete an eyesight test before paying the final learner motorbike license costs at which point you will have your photo taken and receive your license.

You are now a holder of a Learner Motorbike License, congratulations!


RED (P1) Provisional Motorbike License

Pre-Provisional Course and MOST test

You must have held your Learner’s motorbike license for at least 3 months. A Pre-Provisional Course is then booked via the motor registry website.

The course is held over a single day, made up by both a theory and road ride section. It is a requirement to bring your own motorbike, or arrange to rent a motorbike from the venue in advance, however additional fees will apply to do this. The course has a pass/fail criteria.

The MOST test is completed at the end of the pre-provisional course. This is a pass/fail test. If you are not successful then you can re-sit the test at a later date without completing the rest of the course. The MOST test is a low speed turning, accelerating and braking test. It is very beneficial to practice these skills in advance in the months leading up to your test and also to complete the test on a motorbike that you are familiar with. Motorbike test prices can be found further down this page.

After completing the course and the MOST test, you will be issued with a Certificate of Competency, similar to the Pre-Learner course.


GREEN (P2) Provisional Motorbike License

If you are over the age of 25 and have held an unrestricted car license in Australia, you may be eligible to automatically receive your full license after holding your P1 license for 12 months.

If not, then after holding your P1 license for 12 months you can apply for a GREEN P2 license at the motor registry and pay the P2 motorbike license costs.


Motorbike License Costs

  • Prices correct as at January 2012:
  • Rider’s Handbook: $12 (however this is free to download from the RTA website)
  • Pre-Learner Course: $80
  • Motorbike Theory Test: $39 per attempt
  • Learner’s Motorbike License: $22 (in addition to test costs)
  • Pre-Provisional Course: $120
  • Skills Test (MOST) Non Declared: $48 per attempt
  • Provisional Motorbike License: $50

Unrestricted License: 1 year $50, 3 years $118, 5 years $157.

Note 1: If you already have a car license then some license fees may differ.

Note 2: As fees can vary without notice, it is recommended that you also confirm these prices via the link.


What Bikes Can You Ride On a Learner License

On your learner’s motorbike license in New South Wales (NSW) you will be restricted to bikes which fall under the Learner Approved Motorcycles (LAMs) scheme.


As a general guide, the LAMs scheme includes the following:

All motorcycle up to 660ml built before December 1960 are approved.

All motorcycles and scooters with electric powered engines are approved.

All motorcycles with an engine capacity under 260ml are approved with the exception of:

  • Suzuki – RGV250
  • Kawasaki – KR250 (KR-1 and KR1s models)
  • Honda – NSR250
  • Yamaha – TZR250
  • Aprila – RS250

Further links are available in the resources section at the bottom.

Other Limitations and Comments

Maximum speeds:

  • Learner Motorbike License – 80km/h
  • RED (P1) Provisional Motorbike License – 90km/h
  • GREEN (P2) Provisional Motorbike License – 100km/h

Alcohol limit of zero (.00).

Can’t tow trailers

No pillion passengers

Display L plate (Leaner Motorbike License) or red P plate (Provisional Motorbike License) on the back of the motorbike

Demerit points:

  • Learner Motorbike License – 4 points
  • RED (P1) Provisional Motorbike License – 4 points
  • GREEN (P2) Provisional Motorbike License – 7 points

License Validity:

  • Learner Motorbike License – 12 months
  • Provisional 1 Motorbike License – 18 months



Tell us about your experiences with obtaining a motorbike license in this area in the comments section at the bottom of this page.



RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority) – Motor Registry

All tests can be booked online at the RTA website or by phoning 13 22 13.


Motorbike License Costs:


Approved LAMS motorbikes:


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Daniel_121 January 21, 2012 at 12:10 am

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admin January 23, 2012 at 9:34 am

It is worth brushing up with the riders handbook (see the resources section), as some of the items not specifically relating to motorbikes, like signs, may throw you off. Overall you should be able to pass on the first or second go without many issues.

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Shaun March 17, 2012 at 9:06 pm

How can i book the first riding test, before i get my learners.

admin March 17, 2012 at 11:02 pm

The pre-learners practical riding training (2x 1/2 days) need to be booked via the RTA. This can be done either via the phone or on their myrta website. The website is the better option as you can view their calendar with availability.

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