How To Join A Motorcycle Club

How To Join A Motorcycle Club

So you have your motorcycle license but now you want to go riding with a group, the problem is that you have no idea how to join a motorcycle club.

There are three main types of motorcycle clubs, each which have their own unique requirements for entry. What we will do in this article is take a look at these three types of motorcycle clubs and explain the differences between them, as well as the steps that you will need to take if you’re wishing to join one of them.

Within the last two types of clubs there are different themes to suit different riders. Some have clubs just for women, some just for adventure riding, others may be dedicated to Yamaha riders only and some may just be a group of people on all different types of bikes who just enjoy casual riding. You will need to shop around and find one that suits you.


The Outlaw Motorcycle Club

These are the ones that usually gain the interest of the media and often have a very tough image that goes along with them. These clubs include the likes of The Hells Angels and The Pagan’s, often known as the 1%er clubs. These outlaw motorcycle clubs are most often legal entities with members holding official roles and titles such as President and Secretary. They have legal reporting requirements.

There is much more to these clubs than just going for a leisurely ride on the weekend with a few friends and not seeing them again until next month.

Outlaw motorcycle club riders are most often seen riding on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, however some can also be seen riding on Buell motorcycles, which share many of the Harley-Davidson engine characteristics, and some even on Triumph motorcycles.

But how do you join an outlaw motorcycle club? If you’re interested in joining one of these outlaw motorcycle clubs and you need to look on the Internet for the answer on how to do this, then you aren’t eligible. Entry to these motorcycle clubs is strictly guarded and word of mouth is just about the only way that people are considered for entry as a prospect (a prospect is like someone doing work experience with the possibility of being offered a position at the end).

For more information on the 1% clubs check out our article “What Is A 1% Motorcycle Club?“.

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Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

Other Official Clubs

There are thousands of different official motorcycle clubs, which don’t have the tag as outlaws or 1%er clubs. These clubs often hold regular events which may include weekend rides, overnight trips and track days.

These motorcycle clubs also have members who hold official titles and roles including the President and Secretary. They have legal reporting requirements.

So how do you join a motorcycle club? It’s pretty simple really. You will usually be required to fill out a membership form and pay a small fee in order to join one of these motorcycle clubs. There are most often no other entry requirements, however this will vary between different motorcycle clubs.

Official clubs may also have additional benefits to members, which may include special discounts that have been organized with companies such as insurance providers or motorcycle retailers.

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The Chrome Divas Motorcycle Club

Unofficial Motorcycle Clubs

This is where we see an extremely large number of motorcycle riders. Unofficial motorcycle clubs these days are mostly centered around Internet message boards, also known as forums.

These motorcycle clubs do not have an official legal standing in most situations, and they are likely not to have an official President or Secretary.

To join one of these unofficial motorcycle clubs it may be as simple as just signing up to a message board on the Internet. In the majority of cases there are absolutely no fees associated with these unofficial motorcycle clubs.

They will often run many similar events to those that unofficial motorcycle club would run, it is just that these events will be organized in an unofficial capacity by individuals so will often lack insurance. If you are riding on public roads and have your own motorcycle insurance, then you don’t have much to worry about in the event of an accident.

The easy sign-up process with these motorcycle clubs mean that you could theoretically sign up to a message board today and be going on a ride with the motorcycle club tomorrow.

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You should now have a good understanding of the differences between the three main types of clubs and will now know the basics behind how to join a motorcycle club.

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Are you a member of a motorcycle club or do you have a question about how to join one? Please leave us your comments below and we will be sure to respond to you as quickly as possible.


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