Do Girls Like Motorcycles?

Do Girls Like Motorcycles?

This is one of those age old questions and before we get started you can probably guess most of what we are going to be talking about in this article. Firstly let’s start with the simple answer to the question, which is “sometimes”.

Let’s make a very big generalization here and say that there are only 2 types of girls:

  • Girls who like motorcycles
  • Girls who do not like motorcycles

Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about the different reasons why girls like motorcycles.

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Let’s imagine that you’re back in high school and you are one of the oldest students for your year. This is a lucky time of your life as you are the first to get your car license. What this means is that there is a real novelty factor involved with going for a ride in your car. Even if you were not popular before you will suddenly find yourself with new friends who want to get a ride.

This is much the same of the motorcycle, which are not as common as cars on the road. Many girls have never been on a motorcycle before, now with your new bike and the possibility of going for a ride with you, you may find that they are now interested. I am sure that many guys would love to go for a ride with you too, it is just that they wouldn’t ask.


Bad Boy Image

There is a certain type of girl who likes the bad boy image. Motorcycles in general have often been used in the media to portray the rebellious type of person for decades now. Read “What is a 1% motorcycle club” for information about the rebellious image.

As soon as some girls see you on a motorbike you are automatically thrown into a stereotype, even though they had yet to speak to you for the first time. This can definitely work both ways though!

See our list of one percenters motorcycle clubs.


Curiosity / Mystery

Taking one step back from the bad boy image, there is a lot of curiosity and mystery that goes along with riding a motorcycle. If you pull up at a set of lights on a motorcycle you’re most likely going to be in a motorcycle jacket, riding pants and most importantly for this example, a motorcycle helmet.

What this means is that the car of girls who pulls up next to you have no idea of what you look like, only that you are riding a very fancy looking motorcycle (I use the term “fancy looking” as they won’t care if it is a Yamaha R1, Suzuki GSXR, Honda CBR1000 or a Chinese knockoff that looks similar that is powered by a 50cc lawnmower motor).

This is where the mystery and curiosity takes over as they begin thinking that you may look like a supermodel. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that they do not ask you to remove your motorcycle helmet anytime soon and you should still be in with a chance.


Danger / Adrenaline / Speed

This is the reason why a lot of guys will often buy a motorcycle, so it really should not be much of a surprise that this is one of the reasons why girls like motorcycles too.

Whether it is because the girl is going through a rebellious streak, or just that she is a thrill seeker. The danger, adrenaline and speed that are associated with motorcycles is one reason why some girls like motorcycles.

What you need to keep in mind here is that the question of “do girls like motorcycles?” should not be the question that you are asking yourself when you are determining what speed you are riding at if you have one of these girls on the back. It is pretty safe to say that a girl much prefers not to have road rash. Think with the head in the motorcycle helmet.

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The Girl Just Likes Motorcycles

Here is one that you may not have thought about. The girl may actually just like motorcycles. It is nothing to do with the bad boy image that you portray, or that they are even interested in you at all.

She may be using you just to get your bike Ducati 1198, which sometimes is OK!



If a guy has a motorcycle in addition to a car then there is a certain status or image that goes along with this. What this might do is portray that he has excess money, often which is something that certain girls want to be associated with.

This is the same reason why many women will want to buy a Louis Vuitton handbag that they can not afford, when they actually prefer the look of another handbag which is 10% of the price. Of course if they bought the cheaper handbag they would not have the same status. Hopefully the Louis Vuitton handbag will be big enough to hold their ramen noodles, as this is all that they will be able to afford to eat for the next few months.



What is very interesting about this list is that many of these are the exact same reasons why guys buy motorcycles to begin with.

You should now have some answers to the question of “Do girls like motorcycles?”, but hopefully this is not the only deciding factor on whether or not you buy one.


Has a motorcycle helped you with the ladies? Leave a comment below.


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dewy demandante March 30, 2012 at 8:13 am

this is a very helpful topic. thanks very much. i do like motorcycles especially the racing type and i like girls who like motorcycles. it is ok for whatever reason they like motorcycles just as long that they ride with me and get to score .

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