Motorbike License Requirements


Here you will find many articles on motorbike riding, as well as specific requirements for obtaining your first motorbike license.


License requirements for each state have been compiled to bring you the information you need in an easy to read format.


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Congratulations on making the exciting decision to get your motorbike license and become a rider.

You will first need to make a selection from the locations below to begin your journey. In each of these sections are listed all of the requirements for the area, as well as information on any applicable motorbike theory test and all motorbike test costs.

Whether you plan on getting your license purely for commuting to save on time and petrol costs, or if you are going to enjoy the freedom of weekend rides, your first steps are going to be the same, you will need a license.

Motorbike license processes are different in each area. The processes can often be confusing with motorbike license costs and requirements to first complete a motorbike theory test varying depending on your location. Once you have your license you may be limited to the type of motorbike that you can ride, as in most cases you can’t jump straight onto a Yamaha R1 and head off into the sunset. breaks it down for you, making clear all of the steps and links to resources that will help get your motorbike license.

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